Avoiding Conflict Within a Family Business

June 27, 2017

Mark Bradford one of our Specialist Family Business Advisors gives some thoughts around conflict.

The Problem

Naturally conflict arises in all businesses between individuals, departments, etc., however in family businesses they have a special significance due to the nature of the relationships that exist. As with many situations it is better to prevent rather than have to find a cure, and conflict is no different!

Conflict can arise for a number of reasons including: misunderstanding, difference of opinion, mistakes made, speaking before engaging the brain, self-centred view points and so on. Some conflict can develop out of historical family situations and these are especially difficult to deal with.

In a family business the outcome of conflict can have serious consequences for both the business and the family and so taking every step possible to prevent conflicts arising in the first place is generally the preferred way forward.

So what steps can we take now to prevent conflict arising, or indeed help resolve conflict that has already come to the surface but has not yet been resolved? The key for tackling all conflict is communication, but most importantly it has to be achieved in the right way. There are some key management tools and communication rules that can be forgotten by families.


The Solutions

Compliment in public, reprimand in private!

It is so easy to forget this rule, but it is very important.  Even a minor reprimand in front of others can be highly demotivating and can give rise to both short and long term resentment.


In a family situation at home, a mother and father might have been involved in parental control together and other family members being present in a lot of different situations, but in a business parental style control should not be used, and where family members work together it is easy to forget that.


The younger generation must also respect their parents authority and not answer back in a public situation. The “can I have a quiet word” conversation in private is a healthier approach.


Non family members will struggle with receiving a reprimand in public and may also take advantage of situations where they have been present when a family member has been reprimanded in this way.


Treat others as you would like to be treated

Easy to say, but difficult to achieve sometimes when the pressure is on in a business environment. It is vital however to gain respect from all employees, family and non-family.


Parent / child relationships are the hardest to apply this principle to. It takes a lot of effort from both parties but it is essential to work at this. “Being treated like a child then they will act like a child” will come out to play and be the basis for irrational conflict.


Be consistent

Talk to all employees, family and non-family in the same way. This applies to all family members at whatever level they are in the business.


It is all too easy sometimes to treat a family member like they are at home and talk to them in a way that becomes patronising in the workplace where it would not be at home. Using pet names for example.


Regular weekly or monthly meetings

Meetings that have a proper agenda, take place at specified regular intervals, have proper minutes taken with action points, detailing who is responsible and with deadlines, are one of the simplest and quickest ways to avoid misunderstanding. As a result conflict is less likely to occur.


Clarity or roles and responsibilities

You may have seen this little story below before but it is worth repeating as it tells a story very effectively:


“Here is a story of 4 people. Anybody, Somebody, Everybody, and Nobody.


There was an important job to be done. Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it but, Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about it because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it. Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody, when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.”


Everyone likes to know where they stand and so often in family businesses job descriptions are not used, are poorly written or are out of date.


Spending time preparing a proper job description for each member of the team is another very effective way of eliminating misunderstandings like the story above.


Family Business Solutions have a team of experts in this field who can quickly support you by training the team and implementing the concepts detailed above. Call now on 0141 222 2820.

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Our Client Feedback

  • Family Businesses are complex and emotional organisations. It is amazing how many professional advisors try and separate the business from the family and fail to comprehend the many layers of power and control involved. It is refreshing and comforting to know that there is a truly world class expert available in the FBS team who can understand and deal with the complexities of family businesses and also calmly and logically work out solutions . Their knowledge of family business is outstanding and enlightening and their approach is very professional, amiable and ultimately achieves outcomes. They are able to keep the process on track and that is important. I have a great deal to thank the FBS team for and will be back to see them when it is time for the succession planning in the future.

    Jane Wylie-Roberts
  • I would like to offer my appreciation for the work you have undertaken with Aspire Scotland Ltd. It is my belief that alongside yourself our organisation has grown in its understanding and appreciation of what makes a family business tick. We (the family) found the report that you presented to us enormously helpful in continuing our in-house dialogue about how the future of the organisation might be framed and responsibilities across family members revisited.

     I trust likewise you now have a firmer grasp of our industry and are in a position to continue this work across important milestones, such as new markets, succession planning and salary review etc to name but a few.

    As you are well aware we strive to have a larger piece of the market next year and our flexibility will play an enormous part in this. Having Family Business Solutions along with us on this next part of the journey we feel is crucial. Your candid, open and thorough approach to work has made for ease of engagement across family members and I sincerely hope we can continue our relationship moving forward.


    Eddie McCaffrey - Aspire Scotland Ltd
  • I have known FBS since their inception and have watched them develop and hone their expertise for over a decade. Aside from their outstanding consulting services, they have an amazing depth of knowledge and experience that they share generously with the family business world through training and publishing.

    FBS is a world-class resource.

    Martin Stepek, Chief Executive, Scottish Family Business Association
  • I finally realised that unless we could first address family issues we would never solve our business problems. Through contacting the Scottish Family Business Association, I was put in touch with Family Business Solutions. I cant speak highly enough about the contribution from FBS.

    Over the last 3 years, they have clarified our shared purpose as a family and a business. Profitability has increased substantially. Thanks to FBS we have in place Governance and Management structures that are fit for purpose and a next generation that are better informed, understand the vision and shared purpose for Hendersons and are clear about what part they will play as future owners of the business.

    Oliver Henderson
  • Family Business Solutions was asked to advise on constituting the family interests in a much-loved landed business. The prospect of greater financial success, and the passing of interest through the generations, required a more formal structure. It was a long, detailed and sometimes tense process -but FBS guided us through it with great skill, patience and discretion. Without that guidance, it would not have happened. And now the family governance is on a completely different level.

    Artordinsh Estate company Ltd and Raven family
  • I want to thank George Stevenson of Family Business Solutions for his help on all fronts. He made a complex family issue very straightforward, providing solutions to our problems, bringing them to a very acceptable outcome whilst taking account of the emotions at play and the interests of everyone involved. I know that in the weeks and months ahead that all parties will be secure in the knowledge that there will be fair treatment and the company will never be under threat. Thank you once again for bringing that to this company and our family.

    Chris Stockwell, Director, Stockwell Ltd
  • FBS worked with both generations of our family and the board of directors to help us develop a Family Constitution. This now helps guide us in many areas of importance to the family and the business. Theres a lot of work involved in creating a constitution and it was essential for us to have the right information and advice to ensure that ours would last for a long time.

    The work FBS did with the next generation of our family was hugely helpful.

    Jim Walker Walkers Shortbread Ltd
  • Our planning for the future had become stuck in lots of technical detail and it felt that we were not making enough progress. The way FBS went about their work guided the family firmly but sensitively through the process of making key decisions; the big picture ones that then make it easier to deal with the detail. Their process for doing this kind of work is markedly different from the way other advisers operate and we can vouch for the advantages of getting both generations involved in the process.

    Morris Hamburger Searchlight Electric Ltd
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